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5 Questions You Need to Ask to Find a Reputable Shelter

Having a pet is one of life’s great joys, but when making the decision to add an animal to your family, it’s important to remember that your new addition is more than simply a companion – it is a living being that will rely upon you to ensure its safety and care.

Instead of turning to pet shops, where many animals are treated as merchandise, why not look for a new friend at a reputable animal shelter or rescue organization?

One of the best ways to make certain that you are selecting a pet that is appropriate for your lifestyle is to have the assistance of a reputable shelter, with staff that is dedicated to matching the animals in its care with people who will provide them with loving and healthy environments.

Finding an organization with good values and healthy practices for the animals it takes in requires doing a bit of research, but by asking the right questions, you’re sure to find one committed to making perfect matches between animals and owners.

Ask around!

Start by asking friends and neighbors who are pet owners where they got their animals. They’re sure to provide you with plenty of details. And so will your local veterinarian!

Decide whether you want a specific breed.

If you’re interested in a particular breed, you can find rescues that specialize in all types of animals. If you love the idea of caring for a senior or a special needs animal, you can find organizations for these as well.

Ask these questions.

DogOnce you’ve narrowed down your search, ask the following questions to ensure you’ve found a shelter that puts animals’ needs and health first:

  • Does the shelter provide health checks and veterinary care for the animals it receives? Are the animals provided with vaccines, spay/neuter services, and safety identification?

Reputable rescues and shelters will provide all of these services, including microchipping or tattooing animals for future identification.

A shelter that shows concern for how an animal handles different situations will be one that ensures each animal has proper placement for its unique temperament.

  • Does the shelter have a good relationship with other rescues and shelters?

When you check in with local veterinarians, trainers, or other animal professionals, do they say good things about the shelter? People who care about animals and work for their betterment form a small and close-knit community. They know who does good work, and they know who to steer clear of.

  • What is the shelter’s adoption screening process?

Though it may seem silly to you that you have to be interviewed and approved before you can adopt a dog or cat that needs a good home, a shelter that is meticulous in its pursuit of good placements is one that you can have faith in.

  • Does the shelter allow you to tour its facilities?

A place that keeps people away from where the animals are kept is one to be questioned. Shelters should have open-door policies, so you can walk through and see that the animals are being well cared for and that the shelter practices good hygiene.

Finding the right shelter from which to adopt your new family member can take a bit of time, but it’s worth the effort to work with a group that has the right priorities for both you and the animals you love!

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Cinco Ranch Veterinary Hospital serves Katy, TX and the surrounding areas with a dedication and passion for our animal friends that is unmatched. Our veterinarians are highly trained, experienced, and compassionate when it comes to giving your pet the care they deserve. If your companion is in need of emergency care, a dental cleaning, grooming, or just a check-up, we would love to see them! Call 281-693-7387 to make an appointment quickly and easily.

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