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The Weird Reasons Why Humans Started Docking Dog Tails

Cropping a dog’s tail is illegal in many countries but is still legal in the U.S. So why do people do it? Centuries ago, it was believed that cropping tails could prevent rabies. Doing it was also used to prevent potential injury. Aesthetic reasons have been named as well. There is no evidence that cropping tails offers any health benefits, unlike spaying and neutering. If you’re going to crop, however, make sure it’s done by a professional.

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5 Amazing Facts About Your Cat’s Ears

A cat’s ears are more powerful than you think. We should know they can hear better than us, but their hearing is even better than dogs. Their ears are practically small satellites. Cat ears also keep Fluffy balanced! If your cat is white with blue eyes, it has a high chance of being deaf due to genetics. And the final fascinating fact? Cats can have different ear shapes depending on genes.

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Dogs and Cats Sleeping in Your Bed -- Is It Healthy?

Our pets share many things with us, whether it’s voluntary or not. Many pups and kittens will jump on your bed and sleep with you instead of sleeping on their own beds. But is this healthy for you, the owner? As it turns out, sleeping with your pet is perfectly fine as long as it behaves nicely and doesn’t wake you up. If you have allergies, sleeping with your pet may be hard, but you can use air filters to make it easier and allow you to build up a tolerance.

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10 Ridiculously Easy Things You Can Do to Keep Your Dog Healthier Longer

Keeping your pup healthy does not have to be hard. The secret to Duke living a long and eventful life lies in common-sense practices such as a good diet, plenty of exercise, and routine vet checkups. A few other ways to keep your dog healthy include ideal dental health and keeping it well-groomed. Spaying or neutering your pet can prevent certain cancers as well and has more benefits than just preventing unwanted litters.

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4 Ways You Might Be Feeding Your Pet Wrong

You may not have thought about a right or wrong way to feed your pet, but there is actually a method to do so. If you pour your pet a giant bowl of food and let it eat at its leisure, this could cause your pet to gain weight. Measure each serving of pet food while you’re at it, and remember that different servings of food may be better than others, depending on your pet’s age.

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Stray Dog Emerges from the Woods to Rescue Woman After Serious Car Crash

We’ve all heard stories of pets saving humans, but this takes it to a new level. A stray dog saw Shannon Lorio crash her car. If left untreated, Shannon would have died. The dog dragged Shannon from her car, and she was able to be rescued. The dog is now adopted, goes by the fitting name Hero, and is being trained as a rescue pup. You go, Hero!

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Can Cats Eat Grapes, Onions, Garlic, and Other Fruits and Vegetables?

Before you give your cat some of your people food, make sure it’s safe. Some foods are cat-safe, others are poisonous, and some are in a gray area. Garlic, onions, and grapes are toxic for felines and should never be fed or applied under any circumstances. Uncooked vegetables can be bad for your kitty as well, as they’re hard to digest. Instead, feed your cat steamed broccoli, cooked squash, or baked carrots.

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Do You Know the Root Cause of Most Dog Car Sickness?

Dogs can make great travel companions, but some of them get sick whenever they’re in the car. A few symptoms of pet car sickness include vomiting, shaking, and excessive panting. Car sickness can be caused by stress, so take small trips beforehand to ease Fido into traveling with you. Also, don’t let your pup ride with you when its belly is full. Keep these things in mind, and the trip should be easy.

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5 Apps That Will Make a Pup Parent's Life Easy and a Lot More Fun

There’s an app for everything in life, including pets. If you need a dog whistle, check out the free Dog Whistler app, which has adjustable frequencies and can even repel mosquitoes. Another great free app is Wag!, which finds you a local dog walker. If you ever wondered what Fido is saying, check out the free app Dog Translator, which translates your pup’s barks for you — just for fun.

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