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5 Famous Internet Cats and Why the World Wide Web Cares

If you’ve been on the Internet, it’s safe to assume you’ve run into your fair share of famous Internet cats. Their cute capers are captured in images and videos across the Web. There’s no question that cats rule the Internet. Sorry, dogs!

Why Cats?

Even though dogs are actually searched for more than cats, cat videos have a higher chance of going viral.

But why?

Why do cats get the majority of YouTube views and funny captions? An exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York titled “How Cats Took Over the Internet” posited that the answer lies in:

  • Science
  • Domestication
  • Behavior

While dogs outwardly show their emotions—there are plenty of dogs excited to see their returning servicemen and women, for example—cats do their own thing. They don’t pay attention to the camera or even to people, in most cases. They behave as if no one is watching, sometimes unpredictably. We peek in on their world because we wonder, “What will they do next?” Time Magazine said people like to watch cat videos because “we’re all secret voyeurs.”

Cats are also cute and funny, and that definitely plays a role in their fame!

Getting Their Start on the Internet

Even before YouTube, cats started taking their place as the mascots and representatives of the Internet. ebaum’s World, a site popular in the early 2000s, featured the short “The Kitty Cat Dance.” When YouTube was released, the first cat video was posted by YouTube co-founder Steve Chen. The next year, “Puppy vs Cat” became the first cat video to go viral. Today it has more than 16 million views!

The year 2007 was when cats and their Internet popularity took off running with the introduction of the LolCats website, i can The website allows users to take cat photos and write captions over them, resulting in plenty of cute photos featuring cats and other animals!

The Cat Stats

Today, there are over 2 million cat-related videos available on YouTube alone. They average about 12,000 views each, higher than any other category. I Can Has Cheezburger also currently boasts about 100 million visits each month. The cat phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down.

The Most Famous Internet Cats

Ask anybody to name at least one famous Internet cat, and they can probably do it. Here are just a few of the most popular:

Lil’ Bub

The runt of a feral litter, Lil’ Bib is an adorable girl who gets her unique looks from several genetic mutations. Her tongue hangs out due to a short jaw and not having teeth, but that does not affect her voracious appetite. Although she had some difficulty finding her forever home, Mike Bridavsky knew she was for him the second he saw her.

Since her introduction on Tumblr in 2011, Lil’ Bub has been showered with over 2 million Facebook likes, starred in documentaries, attended meet-and-greets, and won awards. Her owner sells plenty of merchandise featuring the famous cat, but the majority of sales go toward animal rescue groups.

Grumpy Cat®

Tardar Sauce, better known to the Internet as Grumpy Cat, also received her looks from a genetic mutation. Her appearance is caused by feline dwarfism and an underbite. She rose to fame after a relative of her owner posted her photo to Reddit. It was only a matter of time before she became an Internet meme and well-known Lolcat.

Grumpy Cat has also made her rounds of the celebrity circuit, appearing on news shows, in photo sessions, and even as a guest on WWE Monday Night Raw.


Cats love boxes, and there is no better model of this than Maru. Maru’s owner has over 540,000 subscribers and at least 1 video with over 22 million views featuring some of his most famous antics. No matter how big or how small the box is, this Scottish Fold from Japan will try his hardest to fit.

Colonel Meow

Sadly, this next cat has passed on, but Colonel Meow’s fame will live on through the Internet. In 2014 he held the Guinness World Record™ for longest fur on a cat at about 9 inches long! His face did the rest when his owners posted photos of his grumpy, militant appearance to social media.

Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat is a famous cartoon featured on YouTube. Although the cat is technically a drawing, it is based on the artist’s (Simon’s) cat and the many cat antics that all pet owners experience. With over 4 million subscribers, the YouTube artist has just under 824 million views on his hundreds of videos. For any cat owner that is woken up at 5 AM by cries for food or destroyed trees at Christmas, this YouTube channel is a must-watch.

Dogs Get Their Due

While cats reign supreme on the Internet, it wouldn’t be right not to acknowledge the Internet-famous dogs. “Yes, This is Dog” is one of the most popular and most used memes on the Internet today. And this puppy received over 183 million views for his antsy behavior and the well-done dubbing by Talking Animals. Fenton rose to fame when he decided chasing deer was more important than listening to his owner, and Denver became well-known when he made the choice to get into the cat treats.

There are plenty of diversions available on the Internet, and cats are definitely one of them, but there’s no question our lives would be a little less furry and a little less funny without their antics.

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