Dental Cleaning

Regular dental care is vital for the long-term health of your pet and for ensuring they stay active and happy throughout their life.

Why Should You Care?

Dental care isn’t only about teeth that look good. Neglected teeth and gums can result in:

  • Bad breath
  • Oral infection
  • The loss of one or more teeth
  • Pain and distress

In the long-term, there is the potential for serious consequences: Bacteria that live and grow in your pet’s mouth can access the bloodstream more easily in the presence of gum disease. When their dental care is neglected, your pet’s risk of heart, kidney, and liver disease increases.

You Can Help!

How often your pet needs a professional dental cleaning depends on their mouth and lifestyle. Some can have dental cleanings annually; others, every few years. Besides bringing your pet to us for professional dental care, we recommend you brush their teeth every day to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar.

Check out our guide for brushing your dog’s or cat’s teeth:


Pet dental services are available when our clinic is open, from 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday. We usually have two dental sessions per day, starting in the morning or at noon. For both sessions, you can drop your pet off in the morning, if you wish.

Make an Appointment

Call the clinic at 281-693-7387.

Need-to-Know Owner Info


  • Dog dental cleaning: $579 to $690.67 (discounted price: $462 to $552)
  • Cats dental cleaning: $606 to $718 (discounted price: $485 to $574)

DISCOUNTS – Book an appointment in September and February to receive a 20% discount! (See prices above.)

WALK-INS – Walk-in appointments are not available for dental care.

SAFETY – The animal dental clinic is located on-site at Cinco Ranch. All anesthesia is carried out under medical supervision, and medical care is available, if necessary.

You are welcome to tour our facilities before making an appointment. You can also ask to view our anesthesia safety records and read testimonials from other pet owners.

VACCINATIONS – All pets must be up-to-date on their annual vaccinations to have dental care at Cinco Ranch. This is important for their safety and for the safety of all the animals we see at the clinic.

CONVENIENCE – You can drop your pet off with us in the morning, and then pick them up once they wake up from and when it is convenient for you (before our clinic closes).

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What Happens in a Dental Cleaning?

Expert Staff on Hand at All Stages of Care

At Cinco Ranch, dental care is performed in our animal hospital by expert vet technicians who have extensive experience working with cats and dogs.

Before the dental work is performed, one of our licensed veterinarians performs a physical examination of your pet and does some blood tests. This ensures it’s safe to anesthetize your pet.

During the dental procedure, anesthesia is administered by a trained anesthetist. The actual dental cleaning takes our vet technicians about 30 minutes. If any other work is needed, such as a tooth extraction, the procedure could take up to an hour. A licensed veterinarian is on hand to monitor pets while they’re under anesthesia.

Once the procedure is complete, a vet technician cares for your pet as they wake up—which takes just a few minutes—and recover from the anesthesia. Pets stay with us for most of the day and are ready to be picked up in the late afternoon or early evening.

We have emergency protocols in place for those rare occasions when something unexpected happens, such as an animal not waking up on schedule or in the event of a fire in the facility.

Why Anesthesia Is Used in Dental Care

We perform pet dental care procedures with anesthesia for two reasons:

1. It’s much more comfortable for your pet.

2. It’s much easier for a technician to thoroughly inspect and clean a pet’s mouth, ensuring every problem area is cleared.

Performing dental work under anesthesia ensures your pet doesn’t feel discomfort or pain, and that they’re spared the distress dental work often causes for a pet that is awake. Pets that are distressed or uncomfortable may struggle during a procedure. This poses a risk of accidental injury and is entirely avoided under anesthesia. This makes the whole process safer, more comfortable, and quicker for everyone involved!

Ready to schedule a dental cleaning? Unsure whether your pet could use one? Give us a call!

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