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Regular grooming is important to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Our skilled and experienced groomers do their impressive work at facilities conveniently attached to our clinic.

Our Grooming Services

  • Haircuts
  • Services to maintain a style
  • Shaving
  • De-shedding and de-matting for pets with coats that need special attention

The Typical Grooming Session

This includes a bubble bath and brush-out, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.

Did You Know! 7 Fun & Useful Animal Grooming Facts

1. Brushing and washing your pet’s coat keeps their skin and coat healthy.

2. When groomed regularly, your pet should shed less.

3. Brushing and washing helps remove dirt, shed skin, and get rid of other irritants that can cause your pet to feel itchy and uncomfortable.

4. Groomers can attend to places your pet can’t reach on their own. This is especially important for older pets, as they become less flexible with age and less able to groom themselves properly.

5. Nail trimming or grinding ensures your pet’s nails are an appropriate length, so walking is comfortable and they don’t accidentally cause injury during play.

6. Special care for ears, such as cleaning and hair removal, helps reduce the risk of ear infections.

7. Some animals looks great with really unique, fun cuts! Check out our post about cuts for cool dogs:


Grooming services at Cinco Ranch Veterinary Hospital are available from 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday, just like our regular clinic hours!

How to Make an Appointment

Call the clinic at 281-693-7387.

Our Experienced Animal Groomers

We have two amazing groomers—both well-trained and highly experienced. Our groomers each have over 20 years of experience and are comfortable and competent making all cat and dog breeds look manicured and fabulous.

They’re also trained in emergency procedures and safety protocols that keep pets safe. This is true in rare and unusual situations such as injury to a dog’s quick (Apply Kwik Stop to the area.), a fire, or a fight between animals.

We understand how important your pet’s safety and comfort is to you, especially when you leave them. They are in good hands with our groomers. If you need more assurance, we’d love to give you a tour of our facilities before you make your first appointment. Just give our front desk a call to set up a tour!

Need-to-Know Owner Info

COST – Pet grooming typically starts at $45. The exact price you’ll pay depends on:

  • The breed of your dog or cat
  • The condition of their coat
  • The service you’d like performed

ONE-ON-ONE ATTENTION – Grooming sessions are conducted in private grooming spaces. Each groomer works with one animal at a time.

EFFICIENCY – Our groomers can typically groom up to 10 animals each, per day.

VACCINATIONS – Your pet must be up-to-date on all annual vaccinations to use our animal grooming services. This is for your pet’s safety as well as the safety of all the pets at the clinic.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS – If your pet has a medical conditions or health problems, let us know when you make your appointment. Certain health conditions can make grooming risky; we’ll tell you before you come.

WALK-INS – We don’t normally take walk-in customers. If one of our groomers has some available time on-site, we’ll try to work something out, but if you want to ensure your pet is groomed regularly, it’s best to schedule appointments!

On Appointment Day

On the day of your pet’s appointment, drop them off any time before their scheduled grooming session. Unless you’ve arranged otherwise with your pet’s groomer, you can expect your pet will stay with us for the remainder of the day.

After your pet has been groomed, they’ll be kept in a kennel for the remainder of the day. Dogs are walked on-leash at least once during the day. For their safety, dogs are walked alone, unless they’re brought in with another dog from the same family. Each animal returns to the same kennel to prevent confusion.

Dogs and cats are housed in separate areas.

Convenient Location

Grooming services are performed at Cinco Ranch Veterinary Hospital. This is convenient because you may already know where we are! It also makes it simple for us to keep our promise of safety as our priority.

Very rarely, a pet may need to be sedated to be groomed. We will let you know beforehand and ask you to sign our hospital sedation form. If we discover your pet needs to be sedated after you’ve already left, we will call to get your permission. On-site medical staff are available to ensure your pet remains safe and comfortable during sedation.

As the grooming suite is located on-site at the clinic, medical care is available for pets should they need it.

pet grooming

To get an idea of the results we can achieve, please feel free to browse our testimonials and check out the before and after photos below!

Ready to bring your pet in for grooming? Give us a call!



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