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Fill Your Pet’s Stocking with the Best This Christmas!

You’ve finished off most of your Christmas list for your family, but what about your fur babies? They’ll love a stocking of their own to investigate on Christmas morning. Here are a few stocking stuffer ideas for dogs, cats, and birds!

Stocking Stuffers for Dogs


The most obvious stocking stuffer for a dog is a brand-new toy (or toys)! While the kids are playing with their own, your pup can enjoy his as well. Something with a squeaker will add to the joyful cacophony. This moose is available for both small and large dogs. Don’t want a moose, or feel like mixing and matching a bit? KONG® has 10 different animals to choose from!

If you want to stay in the Christmas spirit, but would like a more peaceful Christmas morning, a tug toy is a great way to spend time with your dog. This one comes in Christmas colors! Natural fetch toys can also be a unique choice.

And if you have a pup that never sits still and never bores of fetch, you may find the perfect present in an automatic ball launcher. Although not a stocking stuffer, your dog will no doubt thank you for this one. Just see how nuts this dog gets!

Of course, if your dog has simpler tastes, you can never go wrong with a stocking stuffed to the brim with tennis balls.

stocking stuffer ideas


Treats are a given in any good stocking—for dogs or humans! A few of your pup’s favorites (or a whole bag) will never steer you wrong!

Christmas is a special season, though, and if you want to treat them, opt for chicken strips or even their very own ice cream—in peanut butter flavor no less! Just put that ice cream in the stocking last minute to avoid any melting disasters.

You can also make dog treats work for you by helping to clean your pup’s pearly whites. Check out our recommendations here.

Occupy your dog with a treat, and he may forget to beg at Christmas dinner!

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are always treasured when given to family and friends because they know you took the time and effort to make something special.

Combine a tennis ball and treats for the ultimate dog toy. With a knife, cut a hole in the tennis ball, and place treats inside. Your dog will become a ball of fun trying to get the treats out on Christmas morning!

Old shirts are great too, especially because they smell like you. When braided, they create the perfect tug-and-toss toy. Towels and socks also work great for this creation, especially for those fur babies that just can’t seem to get enough of your socks.

Stocking Stuffers for Cats

Probably like your parents, shopping for cats can be a bit more difficult. They can be fickle! Knowing a few of your feline’s favorite things will get you far on Christmas morning, but here are a couple ideas if you’re stumped.


For most kitties, you will never go wrong with springs! We have yet to meet a cat that doesn’t love them. Although you’ll lose quite a few under the stove and couch, they’ll provide endless entertainment and plenty of time for fetch. They’re also perfect for stuffing in a stocking!

A concealed motion toy is also a great idea for a stocking stuffer. It’s similar to a wand, but allows you to take a break once in a while.

And, of course, wands are beloved toys. They’re great for bonding, and feathers are irresistible to most kitties.

Another toy you’ll never go wrong with is anything cat-nip infused. This banana could be a hit!


Just like with presents, cats can be a bit fickle with treats and food. Although you can definitely experiment, you may want to stick to your kitty’s favorites unless you know he would like something different!

There are plenty of ways to turn treat time into fun time. If your cat is clever, puzzle toys like this mouse can entertain him for hours as he tries to get his treats out!

And, of course, a must-have in any cat stocking is cat nip!


For more stocking stuffer ideas, there are plenty of easy-to-make, handmade presents out there for kitties. One is a kick stick. You’ll need a sewing machine (or needle and thread if you prefer to hand sew), stuffing, a sturdy fabric, and, of course, cat nip! Even if you’re new to sewing, this is a pretty simple project.

You can also make your own kitty wand or use those old shirts you’ve been meaning to toss to make a mouse toy! Both projects require only simple crafting skills and take a short amount of time.

Don’t forget: boxes. You’ll have plenty of empty ones on Christmas morning. Keep them out for your kitty to explore!

stocking stuffer ideas

Stocking Stuffers for Birds

Just like cats, birds can be fickle when it comes to toys and treats. They definitely have their own personalities! Here are a few stocking stuffer ideas to get you started.


A foot toy can fit perfectly into a stocking and provide your bird hours of stimulation. These barbells, for example, are perfect for throwing and for watching as you pick them up! Chewy toys are another option that allow for stimulation and fun.

Birds also enjoy foraging for their food, so you may want to include a new puzzle toy inside your bird’s stocking! This one can be filled with fruits, pellets, veggies, and more.


Treats are always great to include in your bird’s puzzle balls and toys. Their favorites can provide them with the mental and physical stimulation they need and encourage them to use their natural skills and behaviors.

A treat you could consider is a pet kabob because a bird’s gotta chew!


Fresh chop could be the perfect “handmade” gift for your bird. Include all their favorite ingredients as a special treat on Christmas morning! What you mix in depends on your bird’s taste. Just make sure everything is finely mashed before feeding to your bird.

Birds are often quite attracted to some of the items we consider everyday objects. Poker chips and frozen treat sticks are great for chucking around the house or chewing on. Keep an eye on them, though, for chips, breaks, and splinters to avoid harm to your feathered friend.

Another simple, handmade present is balled-up paper with a treat inside. Simple and fast, this is a great idea for Christmas morning—or any morning! It provides the perfect excuse for foraging.

These are just a few ideas for your pet’s stocking! While some may not quite fit into a normal-sized stocking, we’re sure your furry or feathered friend would never object to an oversized one. We hope you, your family, and your pets have a wonderful holiday season!

In search of even more—and larger—awesome gift ideas? Check out our gift guide for cats, and for dogs!

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