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Our Top 6 Movie Pets -- Do They Make Your List?

There’s a pretty incredible bond between people and their pets. Never has that been captured so poignantly than in modern cinema. There’s something heartwarming about curling up in your chair with a bowl of popcorn and watching a movie about a man or a woman and their beloved pet.

What about the animals that go above and beyond on the silver screen, those that make us think, “I wish my pet could be like that?”

Here’s a countdown of our top six movie pets:

1. Shadow, Sally, and Chance — Homeward Bound

In Homeward Bound, three pets, Shadow (the wise golden retriever), Sally (the sassy Himalayan cat), and Chance (the mischief-making American bulldog), are left on a ranch while their family travels to San Francisco. Because of a series of miscommunications, they think that they’ve been accidentally left behind and take off to find their owners.

This trio is so dedicated to their owners, that they face waterfalls, mountain lions, and all types of danger across the Sierra Nevada mountains just to be reunited with their family. Shadow, Sally, and Chance are one of the best illustrations in cinematic history of the indescribable bond between a family and its pets.

movie pets

2. Scooby Doo — Scooby-Doo

Scooby Doo is more than just a favorite movie pet; he’s an icon! Since 1969, Scooby has been happily eating Scooby Snacks and helping Mystery Inc.—Fred; Daphne; Velma; and his loveable hippie owner, Shaggy—solve mysteries.

Scooby and the gang get themselves into some pretty scary situations, complete with ghosts, zombies, and just about every other supernatural ghoul you can imagine. But no matter how afraid Scooby might be, he never leaves Shaggy’s side.

Scooby is an amazing movie pet because no matter what happens and what crazy situations the gang finds itself in, his loyalty to Shaggy and Mystery Inc. never wavers.

3. Lassie — Lassie

You can’t compile a best movie pet list without mentioning Lassie. Lassie is, quite literally, a lifesaver. From her debut in 1943 all the way through her most recent incarnation in 2005, Lassie has been saving children’s lives. Whether she’s pulling little Suzy out of the river before she drowns or leading a search party to little Billy who fell down a well, Lassie’s signature story is swooping in to save the day when all seems lost.

Lassie just goes to show that bravery comes in all shapes and sizes—even on four legs!

4. Zero — The Nightmare Before Christmas

Bear with us here…we do realize that Zero isn’t a REAL dog. As Jack Skellington’s loyal companion, he’s definitely a pet of the supernatural nature. But that doesn’t make him any less amazing!

Zero sticks by Jack through his misguided attempt at stealing Santa Claus and leading the charge for everyone in Halloweentown to take over Christmas. When the world turns on Jack after his “Christmas” goes awry, Zero is right there to help him pick up the pieces and make things right.

Ghost or no ghost, Zero is the perfect example of the unconditional love a pet has for its owner and its willingness to stand by them through the good and the not-so-good.

5. Skip — My Dog Skip

My Dog Skip is one of those movies that makes you feel like you traveled back to another time. Taking place in the 1940s, the film tells the story of Willie Morris, a shy, nine-year-old boy, and his first dog, Skip.

Because of his shyness, Willie is a social outcast, with few friends. When Skip comes along, he not only becomes Willie’s best friend, he also helps him come out of his shell and step out of his comfort zone. As his constant companion throughout childhood, Skip pushes Willie to become a better person.

Skip shows us that true friendship doesn’t exist only between people. The friendship between a boy and his dog is just as real and just as special.

6. Hercules (also known as The Beast) — The Sandlot

Hercules, or “The Beast,” as he was known on the baseball diamond, is a movie pet of mythical proportions. The Beast is one of the main antagonists of The Sandlot. He’s the dog that guards the yard right behind the baseball field, and he’s known for gobbling up baseballs and, legend has it, children as well. If a ball goes over the fence, it’s as good as gone with The Beast guarding it!

But, it turns out, The Beast isn’t a beast at all; he is just a sweet old English mastiff. The biggest danger you face around him is getting too much slobber on your face after he covers you in kisses.

Hercules just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by its cover—or a dog by its size.

How do you turn your pet into a movie pet?

If these awesome movie pets have inspired you, and you’re wondering how to turn your pet into a star in its own right, there are a few things you can do!

Invest in training.

Getting your dog properly trained is an absolute must. If your pet is acting out, being disobedient, or not quite living up to “movie pet” standards, the problem could be that it doesn’t know how it’s supposed to act. Finding a great trainer and following through on their training instructions can help bring out the best parts of your pet’s personality, elevating it to “movie pet” status in no time.

Get your pet regular checkups.

Your pet isn’t going to be able to save the day, show you fierce loyalty, or do any of the other amazing movie-pet things you just read about if it’s not feeling well. Make sure to bring it to the vet for regular checkups, so it’s in top movie shape at all times.

Love your companion unconditionally.

Whether your pet is more of a Lassie (racing in to save the day) or a Marley from Marley and Me (racing in to destroy the couch), the number-one thing you can do for you pet is to love it unconditionally. Every pet is different, but each one has unique traits that will change you, change your life, and change your own little movie forever.

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