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7 Holiday Decorations Cats Love But Shouldn't Get Into

Part of the fun of the holidays is decorating for them! Mistletoe, Christmas trees, menorahs, and plenty of lights are just a few of the iconic holiday decorations. People without kids or pets will deck the halls without a second thought, but those who have pets or kids should be cautious, particularly parents of feisty felines!

Cats can be troublemakers!

You already know that cats are mischievous. They jump on the counters, chase shadows, swat at things they aren’t supposed to, and scratch everything in sight. Naturally, when you change your house around and put a giant tree or wreath in plain sight, your cat is going to be curious.

Dangerous Decorations

You may think your cat’s mischief is nothing to worry about, but some decorations that seem harmless to humans can be dangerous for Fluffy.

Christmas, TreeWhen dressing up your home with Christmas and holiday cheer, be mindful of these hazards:

  • Broken ornament shards and stray ornament hooks — You should remove any shards of broken ornaments and wandering ornament hooks, regardless of whether you own a cat, but even the most insignificant shard can be harmful to your furry friend, so be vigilant when you clean up. Cats may mistake shards for food.
  • Fertilized water — If you’re using a real tree, you may be using fertilized water to keep it fresh. Fertilized water can be dangerous to a cat, who may mistake the tree’s water bowl for its water bowl. Cover the water with a tree rug.
  • Pine — Another concern about real trees is that pine is toxic to cats, and pine needles can hurt your cat if it eats them. If you’re concerned, opt for a fake tree.
  • Mistletoe — Cats love mistletoe, but the plant can be toxic to your kitty if ingested. If you choose to decorate with mistletoe, hang it in a place where your cat won’t be able to reach it.
  • Electrical cords — Electrical cords can give your cat a shock if she decides to nibble on them. If you can’t put the cords out of cat’s reach, cover them with cardboard tubing, and unplug decorations when not in use.
  • Tinsel — Tinsel gives your tree an icy look, but it’s deadly to cats. Don’t put it on your tree if you have a kitty.
  • Fake snow — While this décor can lend a wintry feel to your home even if you don’t live in a place prone to snow, it’s toxic to cats, so avoid using it if you have a feline wandering around the house.

If you’ve decorated already, take a walk around your home with this list (and open eyes), and remove anything potentially hazardous to your cat. Keep in mind what your cat will be able to reach, and move those decorations to places it can’t, or don’t use them at all. The holidays are a time of fun; make them a blast for both you and your cat!

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