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11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

We all love our pups, but let’s be real: They can get messy! When Fido sheds his fur, how do you clean it up without pulling your own hair out? One way to clean up the floor is to invest in a robotic vacuum, which will clean up shedding for you. If you can’t afford that, a traditional lint roller works just fine. Keep your pet well-groomed and clean. Not only does grooming make pups smell and look better, but it’s healthy for them too!

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In the Battle Against Cancer, ‘Targeted Therapies’ Are Evolving from Human to Animal Medicine

Targeted cancer therapies are a revolution in cancer treatment, killing cancer cells while keeping the healthy ones alive. However, targeted treatment of lymphoma, a cancer that affects countless pets, was not feasible in animals until now. A treatment has been developed that targets animal lymphoma. Hopefully, this can mean smoother treatments for pets and owners alike and will be another blow to the horrible cancer that kills so many pets.

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Genius Dog Finds a Way to Retrieve Ball from Pool Without Even Getting Wet

When you throw a ball in a pool, most dogs will dive in and swim to retrieve it. One dog, however, grabbed a ball in the center of the pool without getting too wet. The genius pooch hopped on a floater and doggy paddled to move the floater forward until the ball was in its reach. It then paddled the floater back to the edge of the pool and jumped off!

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5 Foods That Keep My Dog Looking and Acting Half His Age

Your dog is what he eats. Plenty of foods can make or break the effects of aging. A bad diet will make Fido old and slow, while a diet filled with healthy foods can make him energetic for quite a while. A few pup super-foods to give your dog include blueberries, raw honey, and coconut or fish oil. Of course, healthy eating isn’t foolproof, so take your pup for routine vet checkups to keep it healthy and strong.

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Blindness in Cats Comes from an Unexpected Source

When you think of blindness in cats, you probably don’t think of high blood pressure being the cause, but it’s one of the biggest reasons cats go blind. Thankfully, high blood pressure can be treated and can reverse blindness if treated early enough. Take Fluffy to your vet, and pay attention to her blood pressure levels. Talk with your vet if your cat’s blood pressure is high, and see how you can treat it.

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Why Do Cats Like People Who Don't Like Cats?

According to an old wives’ tale, cats like people who don’t like them. Why in the world would cats prefer people who don’t even like felines? The answer comes from the fact that cats are naturally reserved. Most cats don’t like people who are all over them, and someone who doesn’t like cats will pay them no mind, making the cat trust them more. Of course, cats come with all sorts of personalities.

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Pet Care Can Help Children Manage Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes is difficult to manage, especially in those rare cases where it affects children. Checking blood sugar and taking insulin can all be hard for many children to handle. Thankfully, there is a solution, and it comes in the form of pets. Children with diabetes were given pets and told to check their blood sugar whenever they fed their pets. Weeks later, the children’s blood sugar levels were ideal. Just another benefit to owning a pet!

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Kennel or Sitter? How to Choose the Right Pet Care for Your Vacation

Not every pet owner can bring their four-legged friend with them when they go on vacation. Sometimes you need to leave Spot or Mittens at home. That’s when kennels or sitters come in handy. You can either leave your pet at a facility or leave your pet at home and have someone check up on it. If your friend, family member, or neighbor can’t be a pet sitter, hire an insured, professional sitter with experience.

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Four Tips for Stopping Your Pet Becoming Obese

A fat cat or roly-poly dog may be cute, but those extra pounds can be fatal. Animal obesity is no laughing matter, and you should prevent your pet from becoming overweight at all costs. To prevent your pet from gaining too much weight, watch what it eats, and give it plenty of exercise. Speak with your vet if you’re not sure about its diet or what its ideal weight should be.

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10 Ways to Safety-Check Your Home and Keep Your Pup Protected

When bringing home a new pup, you need to make changes to your living spaces, so it doesn’t get into trouble or get injured. Hide any exposed wires in your home, and avoid decorations with sharp objects, as they could cause injury. Search every nook and cranny, including under furniture, and remove anything that could be dangerous. Also, don’t forget to hide foods and medicine from your dog, as some of it can be poisonous.

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