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Pet Boarding Near Houston: Going Away for the Holidays? Make Sure Your Pet Has Fun Too!

Are you heading somewhere else for the holidays? If you’re not bringing your pet with you to Grandma’s house, the mountains, or the sunny Carribbean, they can still have a wonderful holiday without you! By choosing pet boarding in Houston, your furbabies can enjoy the best life has to offer: pampering, training, playtime, and more.

Leaving your pet behind can be stressful for you and your animal, so we’ve complied a list of pet boarding options in Houston that will give your pet a home away from home while you’re jet-setting.

Check out some of the places around town where you can board your cat or dog for the upcoming holidays and all year round!

Rover Oaks Pet Resort

Rover Oaks Pet Resort, located in both Houston and Katy, focuses on the luxuries of pet boarding.

Some great features include:

  • Luxury suites with TVs and comfortable beds
  • Extra playtime, treats, and walks
  • Obedience training

Dogs can look forward to professional grooming, outdoor grassy yards, and even private training. Whether in the bunkhouse or a luxury suite (perfect for seniors), your pup will be in a climate-controlled environment with group play available if you approve! Your pup may also enjoy gourmet treats, “tuck-in” for bedtime, and custom meals. If you are boarding more than one dog, choose to have them stay together!

Just as much luxury is available for cats. Kitty condos are private, climate-controlled, and can be connected for family cats. With gourmet food, an aquarium full of fish, catnip, treats, and story time, your cat is sure to have a great time.

Pampered Pet Inn

Another choice for pet boarding in Houston is the Pampered Pet Inn. They go the extra mile for your pet to ensure that they enjoy themselves while you’re having fun too.

Here are a few things your pets will love:

  • Climate-controlled interior
  • Clean, fresh bedding every evening
  • Full-service grooming from staff with 20+ years of experience
  • Regular housekeeping throughout the day

Spoiling your dog is one of the Pampered Pet Inn’s secrets. Throughout the day, they will head outside several times for potty breaks, walks, and plenty of playtime with the other pups as well as staff.

Just going away for one day? Daycare, full of fun activities like swimming and outings, is also available upon request.

Cats enjoy the private spaces and floor-to-ceiling condos. After relaxing in their area, your feline can head over to the window room for a bit of sleep in the sun with bird-watching and playtime also on the menu. 

Board with Us!

Not only are we a veterinary hospital, Cinco Ranch Vet offers pet boarding convenient to you.

What do we have?

  • Outdoor play yards
  • Natural lighting in climate-controlled rooms
  • High-quality pet food
  • Plenty of boarding options
  • Additional playtime
  • A location directly next to our hospital

For your dogs, Cinco Ranch offers plenty of luxury and fun. We are sure your pup will be thrilled to hear about the three walks they’ll get a day. And we’re sure you’ll be thrilled to hear about the bath they’ll receive on discharge day.

You can choose from deluxe, supreme, and luxury boarding options. Some of the choices include blankets, toys, extra playtime, and a daily brush. The luxury tier comes with a television, so your pet can watch some of their favorite programs. You won’t be left out: A webcam means you can check in on your pup to make sure they’re doing just fine.

pet boarding houston

You can be sure your kitty will have a comfortable kitty condo or other accommodations in our boarding areas. Deluxe and supreme options also allow for things like blankets; treats; brushes; toys; and some fun, one-on-one playtime with a staff member.

Another bonus to boarding with us? The security and medical options available. Our boarding facilities are located right next to the hospital, so if something is wrong, you can be sure that a doctor’s exam, treatment, and medication are all taken care of on the spot. The building is also equipped with an alarm system, and evacuation protocol is in place if there is ever the need. It’s important to us that you and your pet enjoy your vacations stress- and worry-free.

Meadowlake Pet Resort

Another Houston pet boarding option is Meadowlake Pet Resort and Training Center. They have the accommodations to en sure every dog and cat has their needs met.

Features include:

  • Climate-controlled luxury suites
  • Plenty of activities, play fields, and even a pool
  • Nutritious, premium meals and treats
  • State-of-the-art security system

For dogs, Meadowlake will hit the spot with four glorious acres of green, patios, and special attention packages available for puppies as well as senior visitors. You can choose group play and/or private play with staff members for your pooch. Curious how your puppy did during their stay? Get emails with photos and even a report card at the end of their stay!

Cats are sure to love their suites at Meadowlake. They’re equipped with outdoor patios and even screened porches for their enjoyment. Housed separately from the dogs in Kitty Park, daily playtime, toys, and portholes will make sure your cat is never bored.

Want to make sure your pets have fun this holiday season even if you have to travel? Pet boarding in Houston has never been easier. Check out any of the places above, or visit our boarding page to find out more info on how you can give your furbabies the best holiday vacation they’ve ever had. You can also reach us at 281-693-7387 to check availability. Have a happy and safe holiday season!

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Cinco Ranch Veterinary Hospital serves Katy, TX and the surrounding areas with a dedication and passion for our animal friends that is unmatched. Our veterinarians are highly trained, experienced, and compassionate when it comes to giving your pet the care they deserve. If your companion is in need of emergency care, a dental cleaning, grooming, or just a check-up, we would love to see them! Call 281-693-7387 to make an appointment quickly and easily.

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