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Give Thanks for Dogs! And Show Your Love with 7 Safe Snacks

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Whether you’re cooking your own food or eating somewhere else, Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather and be thankful for what they have.

For the family dog, Thanksgiving is a time to salivate. Fido will be running around the dinner table, begging for the delicious food that the humans get to enjoy. Should you give into his temptation and feed him, or should you just serve up his regular dog food?

Just as Thanksgiving is a time for you to gorge, it’s also a good opportunity to treat your dog. Thankfully, plenty of Thanksgiving favorites are safe for your pup!

Dogs and People Food

Sneaking the dog table scraps is an image that seems to have been around since the inception of Thanksgiving itself. With that said, Thanksgiving food is typically high in fat; thus, feeding your dog table scraps should be done in moderation. High-fat foods can hurt your pup’s pancreas if it eats too much, so feeding your pup Thanksgiving food shouldn’t become a habit.

Dog, EatingYou may find yourself unable to resist Fido’s puppy-dog eyes as he begs for food while you’re at the table. Don’t give in! The dog will associate your table with its feeding station. Instead, put all scraps in its normal food bowl.

What Foods Are Safe?

We’ve heard of some foods that you shouldn’t feed your dog, such as chocolate, grapes, and alcohol, so which ones can you treat your dog to?

  • Turkey — The Thanksgiving favorite, turkey, is perfect for your dog! Dogs are carnivores, after all. Use white meat, and remove the fat, skin, and bones before you serve turkey to your dog. If you’re serving ham instead, don’t feed it to Fido. Ham can cause stomach pains for pups!
  • Pumpkin — Pumpkin is delicious and nutritious for your dog! While you shouldn’t give your pup a slice of pumpkin pie, the extra canned pumpkin you had after making that pie is just fine. Pumpkin can aid in Fido’s digestion and even help him lose weight!
  • Mashed potatoes — This second staple for most Thanksgiving dinners makes a lovely, filling snack. Just make sure that it doesn’t include butter or gravy.
  • Cranberry sauce — This is another treat your dog can eat as long as you limit the sugar content.
  • Green beans — These are a good snack for your pup. You can feed your serving to your dog if you’re not a veggie person!
  • Dairy products — These are fine in small amounts, but make sure Fido isn’t lactose intolerant. If you’re unsure, just hold the cheese and give him the mac.
  • Sweet potatoes — These are a good treat too! Just ensure your dog’s serving doesn’t include butter, marshmallows, or brown sugar.

As previously mentioned, these foods shouldn’t be dinner for your pup every day, but seeing as Thanksgiving is a day to be merry and eat your heart out, feel free to reward your dog for good behavior. After all, we’re all grateful for a puppy’s kisses and cuddles!

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